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Hear From Our Counselors

"I love coming to camp because I get to be up in God’s amazing creation… with the trees, fresh air, and wide-open possibilities of connecting with the Holy in new ways."

"Becoming a camp counselor was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The relationships I have formed with my co-counselors as well as seeing campers come back year after year fills my heart. I see God at camp.".  

"I love the way young people become more of their true selves when they’re at camp.  They discover whom they were created to be!"

"Being a camp counselor was such an amazing and life-changing experience. I decided to become a camp counselor because I love seeing the curiosity that children have for the world and I wanted to help them navigate new ideas surrounding their faith. The community at Wrightwood is beautiful and the camp experience was so immersive. There is so much love that the children have for each other and it is truly beautiful to see God at camp. I would definitely be a counselor again because I would be able to learn from children as they teach me about what God means to them. "

"I have so much fun every time I come to camp.  I can’t imagine a summer without it!"

"This year at camp I had some of the greatest experiences.  Not only was I an intern but I was also a camper.  I was able to show young campers what I love about camp, I was able to go on hikes, have late-night prayer stations and even give my own testimony in front of everyone.  I love camp and thank those who have made it possible for me."

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