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Every role at camp is really important and contributes to the success of a successful program.  


Being a camp counselor is a volunteer position that works with campers directly throughout the whole week. Counselors will be trained to lead small groups, manage cabin groups, facilitate group games and just have meaningful conversations with campers. Counselors are the bread and the butter to running a successful summer.  

Camp Nurse 

Calling all RNs who love camping! Camp Nurses handle all medical needs at camp. They administer any and all medication both prescription and over-the-counter medication and at various times of the day. Nurses get to participate in camp activities and receive a stipend for their time.  

Camp Intern 

Want to work at camp and have real work experience to add to a resume? Apply to be a Camp Program Intern. Camp Program Inters learn all the behind-the-scenes responsibilities of running a camp program. They work alongside the site program manager to implement the curriculum and facilitate activities. Interns will spend 8-10 paid weeks on-site during the summer. For more information please fill out our interest form for the summer of 2023! 

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