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Volunteer Camp Counselors 

Volunteer Counselors are people who are dedicated to the spiritual development of our campers. They have gone through all of the required trainings and are caled to create christian community in a camping setting. Counselors are above the age of 19 and have counseled one summer prior. 

Counselors in training

Counselors in training are teens fron 16-19 years of age and have never counseled at camp before. CITs are paired up with a senior counselor for peer modeling and support. They work with our Elementary campers. This is a great leadership experience before college 

Camp Nurse

We can not run our camps without our beloved camp nurse! Our camp nurses are always on the go and have our safety/wellbeing as their first priority. Our nurses are full RNs and will be your first point of conntact when you get onto camp 

Camp Program Internship

Love camping and want to learn how to run a summer program? Do you want to spend 8 weeks this summer at camp? Well we are hiring!  

Volunteer Camp Counselors 

Camp Wrightwood is forever grateful for the generosity and gifts given by our volunteers. 

Cabin Counselors: Cabin counselors are responsible for the safety and well-being of our campers while in the cabins. There are always at least two cabin counselors in every cabin and they manage approximately 10 campers in their housing assignment. 

Small Group Leaders: Small Group leaders help facilitate curated small groups of campers. They are provided with a curriculum writer by our leadership team and are given Supplies for any activity the small group is doing that day. Their primary responsibility is to build relationships with their cohort of campers and cultivate a community experience. Small group leaders are our first and primary point of interaction with our campers because we often move through camp activities in our small groups. 

Special Interest Group Leaders: Our volunteers provide us with a plethora of amazing and wonderful Gifts that our campers can learn from. While a lot of camp is programmed and pre-planned, there is free time for campers to explore new activities and interests they may not have access to outside of camp. In the past, we have had archery, swimming, baking, arts and crafts, wood burning, macrame, music discovery, meditation, yoga, poetry writing, comedy sports, Dungeons and Dragons, and so much more.  If you have a fun activity you would like to share with our campers then let us know! 

Faith Rotation Facilitators: Faith rotations are a common way that Camp Wrightwood has chosen to engage spiritual practices and scripture with our campers. Faith rotations typically involve a dynamic storyteller engaging with our scripture lesson, an art expression, a community-building activity, and a reflective activity. Faith rotations help our campers engage in scripture and Christian themes in a different way that is outside of a traditional church setting.  

Counselors in training

Counselors in Training (CITs): CITs are counselors ages 16-19 who have never served on camp staff before or have only served one year in a limited capacity. CITs primarily work on of Elementary counseling team because you have to be five years older than the oldest camper in a given age group. CITs go through specialized training only for them and are asked to come a day and a half earlier than our campers to receive extra training and skills before running a week of camp. Many of our CITs come from the surrounding area or have grown up in our programs and would like to give back to the community that gave to them. If you are in this age group and would love to develop some leadership skills, please contact us as we are currently looking for summer counseling staff. 

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