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All Camp Work Days 

Camp Wrightwood is dedicated to providing a space for faith formation and spiritual growth! To do this, our site needs people like you to come help make sure it's in the best condition possible! Earn a Campership in the process!


Camper Participates in work day: earns $60 towards their camp fees.

Camper and Parent participate in work day: receive an additional $60 towards cap fees. 

First: Register your group or family for the workday event at the website below.

Next:: Indicate how many participants you will be bringing as well as any needs your group has to fully participate. (mobility, dietary, etc.)

Then: Receive an email confirmation with details about the event.

Grand and Me 2024 

The bond between a grandchild and their grandparent is like no other. Grand and Me offers a weekend experience geared toward creating lasting memories for Grandparents to go camping with their grandchildren with the perks of indoor plumbing and cabin housing. This program is geared for grandchildren aged 4-8  and grandparents of any age. the initial cost of the program is $200 for the first pair and $50 for any additional participant. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us and contact or Program Coordinator Caitlyn at 

Camp Shine 

Camp Shine is a three-day camp experience that is focused on providing campers on the Autism spectrum a traditional camp experience that also is tailored for individual support. Our program is based on and inspired by a program in Kansas City. 

This camp will engage in numerous activities such as: 



Learning Stations 



Camp Songs 

Summer Camp 2024 

Summer Camp 2023 was a memorable year!! We learned to grow our spiritual fruits; love, joy, peace, patience,  kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Our days were full of different activities such as pool time, archery, worship, friendship bracelet making, and many more! This year we even got to participate in a campfire every single night and worship under the stars. We have successfully lived our mission of providing an authentic and inclusive camp experience for every child!!

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Family Camp 2024

Welcome to Camp Wrightwwod Family Camp, where cherished memories are born, and family bonds are strengthened amid the beauty of nature. In the Mountian town of Wrightwood Ca, our family camp provides an idyllic escape for families seeking quality time, adventure, and connection.

We believe in the power of family and the transformative influence of the great outdoors. Our camp is a haven for families looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, reconnect with each other, and create lasting memories in a welcoming and natural setting.

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